Our Team



Chief Toy Officer

Matt Broussard is the Owner and Chief Toy Officer of the Houston Toy Museum. Many of the toys in our museum were originally part of Matt’s own personal collection. His collection started when he set out to find some of his favorite toys from his own childhood and it quickly grew as he acquired toys and pop culture items from earlier decades. For years he stored and displayed his toys in the apartment over the garage at his home in the Heights. He loved bringing guests over to see his collection and he loved the thrill of seeing their reactions as they were overcome by nostalgia at the sight of something special from their childhoods. It has long been a dream of Matt’s to showcase his collection in a more public way and so the Houston Toy Museum was born! Matt handles the museum’s day-to-day operations and is the main curator of our exhibits. You are likely to see him juggling duties when you visit the museum!
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Museum Director

Sara Broussard is the Museum Director here at the Houston Toy Museum. She loves all things vintage, and though toys were not her original forte, she has enjoyed learning all about them and has even taught Matt a thing or two about some of her favorite toys! While Matt is our main curator, he and Sara have worked together to curate and plan many of the exhibits that are currently in the museum. Much of Sara’s work is behind the scenes coordinating with vendors to keep our gift shop stocked, planning our marketing, and keeping our guests updated through social media on the latest happenings at the museum.